Charles ward(non-registered)
great pics don
Don Osborne Photography
Thank you all. I am glad you are enjoying my work.
Bon Nagam Sims
Oh my goodness ..I just finished speaking to you on the phone and then decided to take a moment to check out your photos. WOW, is all that I can say. I have 'LOVED' so many photos already and haven't seen even 1/3 of them.
They are all absolutely amazing, and I thank you for inviting me to take a look.
I have to get back to work ..although work has never been this enjoyable. It was a pleasure speaking to you and looking through your portfolio.
Passionate Pics, so detailed, Great Work!
Chantal Bekkers-Kremer(non-registered)
Thank you again for sharing the beautiful pictures. Love your work Don! Good inspiration.
My compliments!
Lloyd Major(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Don. The website is crisp and appealing.
Don's work is just stunning. I have always been a big fan!
Kathryn Golden Morris
I like the way you can view the pictures so easily! Love the bear cubs!
Penny Maxwell(non-registered)
They're all so gorgeous! Love the website too! Looks great!
Kathy Golden (Morris)(non-registered)
I love the birds! Peacocks have always been one of my favorites! I used to have a painting of a white peacock. The scenes are breathtaking and you certainly do have 'an eye'!
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